(Re) Discover The Emerald City

Enjoy all Seattle has to offer

Why do people flock to Seattle? Could it be the opportunities? Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather. Yes, even when it’s raining, there’s beauty to behold. Another reason people keep coming to Seattle may be to discover something new. As this city keeps evolving, there are hundreds of reasons to visit Seattle. Stay for a spell, but be careful. With everything the Emerald City offers, you could end up wanting to make it home. Whether you’re coming for a weekend or for life, VisitSeattle.com has the information you need!

A Trip to Seattle Definitely Delivers!

Real Estate

Dreaming of a downtown loft? Or maybe a sprawling home with a killer view? Find it here!


Techy, artsy, diverse. These words describe the soul of Seattle neighborhoods

Outdoor Adventure

Lake Washington to the east, the Puget Sound to the west. Mountains all around. Find your bliss.

Hotel Guides

Seattle has top tier hotels. Gorgeous views, amazing atmospheres, and amenities you won’t find elsewhere!

Professional Sports

The Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, and Kraken provide tons of entertainment!

Restaurant Guide

Want tastes from around the world? You’ll find them here in our restaurant guide!

Parks & Rec

The City of Seattle has laid out magnificent trails and parks for you to enjoy.


Everything a metropolitan city can hold turned up to 11! Come tear it up in Seattle.

Where is Seattle?

Seattle is located in one of the most advantageous areas for wonderful experiences. The Pacific Northwest gives the city amazing views of mountains. The Pacific Ocean is a quick two-hour drive away and there are plenty of fresh bodies of water around. The Canadian border is less than 100 miles away. With so many adventures using Seattle as a launching point or end destination, there’s so much waiting for you in The Emerald City!

Things to do in Seattle Washington


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Coffee Madness

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Natural Destination

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Attractions that you want to see in Seattle Washington

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